The Best Gift for the Dad Who Loves to Cook

The Best Gift for the Dad Who Loves to Cook

If you’re struggling to find the best gift for the dad who loves to cook (especially one that cooks outdoors) we humbly suggest you consider buying him a gas griddle. Dads who love to cook go to great lengths to research and choose their own grill, but they might not have even considered how a griddle can be a versatile addition to his backyard cooking arsenal.

Top Reasons Why a Griddle is the Best Gift for Chef Dad

Here are the top reasons why you should consider pleasantly surprising dad with this tool that is quickly becoming one of the hottest items in outdoor cooking.

Nothing Sears like a Griddle

A sear from a grill is a nice visual, but if we’re talking strictly about texture, you can’t beat the even, crusty sear you’ll get from a flat top griddle. After the metal griddle surface is heated to an extreme temperature, it can quickly form a delicious crust on your meat after it has been cooking low and slow on the grill. The result is a deliciously flavorful, tender, and crunchy bite. A pellet grill and a griddle make the perfect 1 – 2 combination of cooking tools for meats like steaks,tri tip, pork chops, burgers, and more!

On a Griddle, Dad can Cook Breakfast in 8 minutes

With its huge surface area, dad can cook all the dishes for breakfast he desires at the same time. The area allows you to cook eggs on a low heat on one side of the griddle, while hash browns sear away on the other side. Breakfast is done, quickly and painlessly.

Cook Cheesesteaks the Way They Were Meant to Be

I mean, come on...need we say more?

Mom Will Love It Too!

From pancakes to French toast and crepes, there’s a whole host of recipes that mom will love cooking, eating, or both! Spoil mom or put her to work. Either way, dad will enjoy sharing his gift with everyone.

Reasons to Get Dad a Country Smoker’s Griddle

With a Country Smokers griddle, you have the power and freedom to cook what you want, how you want, where you want! A tool this versatile is a MUST have for dads that take pride in their cooking abilities. #IYKYN, and now you truly know that this is hands down the best gift for dad this Father’s Day, or any holiday. With Country Smokers - it’s just that simple.