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Smoke -

Did you smoke pulled pork last night for dinner and are wondering what to do with what’s left? This Leftover Pulled Pork recipe is perfect for meal prepping or a quick breakfast. A traditional recipe, with a delicious fusion of Hawaiian and Southwestern flavors, this burrito is a filling meal and makes a wonderful dish for brunch.   This recipe goes great with our Hawaiian Pulled Pork. (link to the recipe once it is live) Be sure to check it out! 

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Griddle -

Are you craving Savory Crepes on the griddle? These tart, creamy and crisp Apple, Brie, and Bacon Crepes provide every flavor your palate could ask for. Featuring homemade crepes and a filling flavor bomb that will be the perfect brunch dish for holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day. Easy to make on a cast iron skillet or a Country Smokers Griddle.  

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